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Sculpteo Alumides!

3D print service Sculpteo announced the availability of a new 3D print material: Alumide. What is Alumide? It's a mix of polyamide and aluminum powder yielding 3D prints that are stronger than just plastic but weaker than metal. Like plastic and some metals, it can actually bend slightly, making it useful for objects undergoing minor stress. It's ideal for those 3D prints requiring a bit more strength than usual. 
Sculpteo is not the first 3D print service to offer Alumide. Shapeways has offered Alumide for some time now, as does i.Materialise. 
Sculpteo's Alumide offering offers a maximum build size of 308 x 308 x 600mm and an excellent resolution of 0.1mm. The minimum feature size is 1mm. Sculpteo's pricing appears to offer Alumide as slightly less expensive than their plastic options. 

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