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Haptic A-Go-Go

Anarkik3D has opened a crowd funding initiative at IndieGoGO to raise money for enhancements to their Cloud9 haptic 3D modeling software. The project's goal is sufficient funding for two full time programmers to develop the improvements, which means USD$120,000 by June 27th. 
We think this is important, because, as Anarkik3D's CEO Ann Marie Shillito says: 
... the process of designing in conventional “CAD” does not correspond to the way studio artists and designer makers prefer to work. Frustrated with complex interfaces and prescriptive functions that block creative flow, many are put off or give up. 
Whereas when using Cloud9 and its haptic companion you actually touch your virtual design and manipulate it in a familiar 3 dimensional environment. The haptic force feed-back provides a tactile, fluid and organic way of working which reflects the natural interactions experienced with real things, tools and processes. 
The initiative offers a variety of benefits funders may choose from, ranging from placing your name as a supporter, to sample 3D prints created with the technology, to the software and hardware itself. There's even an option to receive in-person training in the environment. 

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