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That Cubify Van

To promote their new Cube 3D printer and Cubify 3D printing community, 3D Systems has a tricked out van shuttling around the USA. The van is equipped with Cube 3D printers and evidently a ton of 3D models, too, as they're printing stuff at every stop. They've started in the western USA and are more or less proceeding east. It's possible to follow their activities by checking the Cubify blog (tag Cube Odyssey) for location updates. 
What we found interesting (beyond the 3D printing of course) was the van itself. This is a wonder of art and paint, as you can see in the image above. The paint over was created by noted artist Jeremy Madl of MAD Toy Design. There's no way you wouldn't notice this vehicle cruising down your street. 
But what kind of vehicle is it? 
A Nissan Cube, of course. 

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