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Extreme Redesign 2012 Winners Announced

The 2012 Extreme Redesign Contest is completed and the winners have been announced by sponsor Stratasys. Winners were selected in four categories: Middle/High School, College Engineering, Art & Architecture. Winners received USD$2500 scholarships and runners-up received scholarships of USD$1,000 each. 
As usual, the winning ideas (as well as those placing second and third) were totally brilliant. Of the nine First, Second and Third winners in each category, these caught our eye: 
  • Scissors designed for both left AND right handed people!
  • Diagonal Slice Rubik's Cube, providing many more possible solution scenarios
  • A 3D printed flower model, suitable for giving to your mom
  • Continuous Supply Handpump that provides water flow on both the upward and downward stroke
And there's many more. Please check the link below to see all the winners. 

3D Balloon Printing

That Cubify Van