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The Cube on CNN

Big media coverage for 3D Systems this week: 3D Systems CEO Abe Reichental appeared on CNN to demonstrated their new USD$1300 "Cube" personal 3D printer. Reichental explained the basics of 3D printing to the audience and said that although 3D printing has been around for decades for industrial applications, 3D Systems is now "democratizing" the technology by bringing it into the home, which may eventually lead to increased home manufacturing instead of offshore manufacturing. 
Reichental also produced a small model of CNN host Randi Kaye's head, produced in "less than an hour" in full color using an iPhone app and one of their ZCorp color 3D printers. That part, color 3D printing, isn't being brought into the home. Not yet, anyway.
Reichental described 3D Systems' new "Cube Odyssey", where they'll be traveling to 25 cities across the USA to demonstrate the Cube personal 3D printer and show off examples of 3D printed objects. This should be a terrific opportunity for those interested in 3D printing but have never seen one up close. Check the link below for a full list of cities on the Odyssey schedule. 

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