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Veloso 3D Printer Update

In an unusual post by Junior Veloso, the inventor attempts to clarify the nature of the shockingly powerful 3D printer his company is now developing. 
Evidently the project has been questioned by many who wonder about the quality and cost of the build kit. The kit is set to cost a rather scary USD$4,000. That price is substantially higher than any other 3D printer kit price, which incidentally, have been dropping significantly recently. The Veloso 3D printer is a definite exception and this has been noticed by the blogosphere. 
Veloso explains that they're developing a "professional kit", to be "manufactured in China with high precision components and plastic injected parts". Veloso goes on to say: 
So, please don't think you are buying a "kitchen" manufactured machine. We moved to very professional mode for this kit long time ago, and we have all sort of engineers working in the project.
We accept Veloso's explanation. His team has a tiger by the tail and has been working very hard to produce an amazing, high-quality product - not only in hardware but also software, marketing and manufacturing. It's a very difficult stage for any startup business. They believe their product will be good enough to warrant a high build quality. In other words, they think the price will match the product you buy. Given the relatively high price, it should be a terrific product. 

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