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A New 3D Printer From Objet?

There's something brewing at Objet, makers of the Connex line of commercial 3D printers. First we saw a mysterious art exhibition of color objects apparently produced on a color-capable Objet 3D printer - but there are no color-capable Objet 3D printers! Then we hear that Objet issued a press release indicating the art was produced on an unannounced Objet color-capable 3D printer. 
Yesterday we read a post and watched video on Objet's blog saying:
"On the 22nd of May we’re launching our latest 3D printer. All I can say for now are 3 words: Professional. Versatile. Desktop."
Mysterious for not much longer. 
However, we suspect they forgot one thing and need four words: "Professional. Versatile. Desktop. Color."
Via Objet

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