Veloso 3D Printer Update

It’s not looking good for Junior Veloso’s 3D printer initiative. Two things have emerged that could well affect the success of Veloso’s high-resolution resin-based 3D printer project: Funding and Competition. 
First, the funding. Veloso opened a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo with a goal of raising USD$300,000 by May 31st. As of this writing, the donations thus far fall well short of that goal and it is highly unlikely it will be reached. It’s unclear if the project will continue with the lesser funding. 
The second problem is competition. Readers may recall the B9Creator KickStarter project that provides fundamentally similar (and possibly superior) functionality. We suspect B9Creator could draw interest away from potentially investing in Veloso’s project because of lower printer costs and most importantly the nature of the project: B9Creator is Open Source, while Veloso’s (still unnamed) kit is intended to be proprietary. 
Once this style of technology is produced in open source form you can bet there will be multiple versions instantly emerging to compete with Veloso. Soon we’ll see the price of resin-based 3D printer kits drop significantly and that’s not the greatest time to try introducing a commercial proprietary version. 
Meanwhile, Veloso has released CAD renderings of his 3D printer in final form (above). The unit looks very attractive, but we’ll see how the project proceeds in the next few months. 
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