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3D Systems Picks Up Bespoke

You may recall Bespoke Innovations, a company dedicated to using 3D printing to produce personalized replacement limbs. The method is to use 3D scanning to prepare a digital model of a remaining limb, then 3D print a mirror image of the model, approximating the original missing limb. Panels are prepared in the correct shape and then mounted on a strong artificial limb structure to produce a replacement limb that appears very close to the original. 
But now they've been acquired by industry giant 3D Systems in yet another of their frequent acquisitions. It's not known what the acquisition terms were, but according to the press release: 
3D Systems plans to integrate Bespoke into its growing healthcare solutions services and leverage its integrated scan, design and print technology and knowhow to develop and commercialize a full range of innovative, ventilated and lightweight custom fit prosthetics, orthotics and orthopedics.
Who will be the next acquisition? 

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