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Objet Announces the Objet 30 Pro

The mystery is no longer: Objet indeed announced a new printer, the Objet 30 Pro. 
At first glance the Objet Pro 30 is much like the Objet 30, but there's a major difference. The 30 Pro is capable of printing with two new materials: The Vero Clear and High-Temp materials. This means you can now buy a desktop 3D printer capable of using the seven major materials from Objet. 
The 30 Pro prints only a single material at a time, unlike its higher priced siblings. Swapping colors is easily done by replacing the material in the drawer as seen here. Completed prints are cleaned up in typically 20 minutes using Objet's WaterJet cleaning station. 
The 30 Pro is priced at approximately USD$55K and includes not only the printer, but also the WaterJet cleaning station, starter materials and a service contract. 
Via Objet

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