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Sculpteo's iPhone Case Contest

3D print service Sculpteo has launched an interesting contest for those interested in designing unique cases for iPhone 4's. They're seeking "the best iPhone 4 case that you could ever imagine with 3D printing". Judging will be done by a panel composed of "design and 3D printing professionals and representatives of Sculpteo".  
Specifically they seem to be looking for designs that include personalized engraving, mathematically-generated designs and moving parts. These requirements should produce some very interesting designs. 
There are some constraints, as is customary in such contests. First, your design cannot exceed 40.0 cubic cm of volume. Second, you must use either Polyamide or White Detail Resin as your build material. Then, besides your imagination, you'll need to submit a form with several views of the design to Sculpteo by the close of the contest, June 10th.  
Why enter? Because there's prizes! First prize receives a €150 (USD$190) voucher for Sculpteo services, Second prize receives €75 (USD$95) and third prize receives €75 (USD$95) - but the third prize will be selected by Sculpteo visitors based on highest rating and most number of votes. 

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