The Mcor Iris Color 3D Printer

Irish-based Mcor announced a new 3D printer: the Mcor Iris. The Iris is a major twist on their unique paper-based 3D printing approach; it provides full color 3D printing. 
We examined a sample print (video above) at Rapid 2012 and found it to be an amazingly colorful landscape. 
While some 3D printer manufacturers have very complex coloring systems, Mcor’s is brilliantly simple: they simply preprint the paper appropriately before the sheets are fed into the cutting chamber. A normal 2D color print mechanism provides the color and you provide the paper. 
The Iris provides color of 300 dpi, what you’d expect from a 2D color printer. The printer, like it’s predecessor, is accurate to 50 microns. It’s not available yet, but Mcor informs us it should appear in 4Q12. 
Via Mcor
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