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3D Printing Discount Available

Some say that 3D printing services are expensive, and that may or may not be the case depending on your situation. However, we do know that students worldwide typically aren't flush with cash, and that's why the new i.Materialise Student Discount is so important. 
The 3D print service offers a 20% discount on 3D prints to accredited students until 30 June 2012, coincidentally the end of the school year in many regions. 
But there are a few conditions beyond mere student accreditation: 
  • The items printed must be related to school work
  • You must provide i.Materialise with images of your work - but they may place them on their popular blog
  • Only non-metal materials may be selected for these prints
Those conditions definitely aren't worrisome, so fire up your modeling software and start designing! 

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