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The Economist on 3D Printing, Again

Once again the venerable The Economist has published a series of articles on the topic of 3D printing and digital manufacturing. This publication has gone quite far to promote the technology, more than others. 
We'll bring three of their articles to your attention. First, they explain the fundamentals of 3D printing, which is still necessary as most readers still have no idea what 3D printing is all about. In fact, we still get a tickle from watching the expression on the faces of people shown a live 3D printer. 
The Economist then digs deeper and explains the key benefit of 3D printing over traditional mass manufacturing: the ability to customize unique products and do it rapidly. 
Finally a third article describes their vision of the future, in the form of a "Third Industrial Revolution", where digital manufacturing and design will strongly influence the manner of manufacturing in the 21st century to change it far beyond today's methods. 
Via The Economist, The Economist and … The Economist (Hat tip to James)

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