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Phenix Systems Defends Its Position

You may recall our post the other week regarding a lawsuit filed by 3D printer manufacturer EOS against Phenix Systems. We were contacted by a representative from Phenix with an official statement countering EOS' claims.
The statement reads: 
Phenix Systems, is aware that EOS has filed a lawsuit alleging patent infringement, although EOS has not yet proceeded with formal service of the lawsuit on Phenix Systems.  Phenix Systems does not infringe the patents; and, if EOS decides to proceed with its unfounded allegations, Phenix Systems will prove the patents are not infringed.   Further, Phenix Systems believes press releases made by EOS regarding its false accusations are defamatory and Phenix Systems has demanded that EOS cease such activity immediately.
It seems that the issue surrounds Additive Manufacturing Technologies, Inc (AMT), whose headquarters is in Chicago. AMT is a subsidiary of Phenix Systems set up to market Phenix Systems technology in the USA. Perhaps the opening of the subsidiary last year may have prompted EOS to take action. 
Who's right in this dispute? We don't know, but we're certainly going to watch this carefully. 

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