The Secret Color Process

As much as we’d like to have attended Neri Oxman’s talk at Centre Pompidou in Paris the other day, we were simply unable to get there. However, we were able to view videos and images from the exhibition, sponsored by 3D printer manufacturer Objet. 
Ms. Oxman produced fantastic and beautiful 3D printed objects inspired by biological themes, as we expected. She’s been researching this fascinating theme for some time now and it may lead to radically new building techniques. 
While admiring the beautiful pieces, we marveled at how well they were finished. Stunning and intricate colors must have taken weeks to prepare for the exhibition at Centre Pompidou. 
But we weren’t there to see them in person. However, fellow 3DP blogger Rachel Park was. She noticed the same thing – but being able to examine the items more closely discovered that they weren’t exactly finished in the way you’d expect. 
They were 3D printed directly, according to Rachel. In full, glorious color. 
Wow, color you say. Nice! But wait a sec, Objet DOES NOT offer color 3D printing. They do offer multi-material 3D printing, unique among the commercial 3DP manufacturers. So what’s going on? 
Ms. Park hypothesizes a curious viral marketing campaign by Objet, who have publicly – and mysteriously – “not” announced a new color printing capability. 
We hope to visit Centre Pompidou very soon and inspect the works directly. Until then, please read Ms. Park’s post for a complete analysis. 
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