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That Sticky Cube

We managed to examine 3D Systems' latest personal 3D printer, the Cube, in person at Rapid 2012. The colorful unit was much as we expected, but there was a surprise. 
The print bed appeared glossy for some unknown reason. We wondered if the surface was made  that way and investigated with a finger. We discovered immediately that the print bed is in fact heated. Heated A Lot! 
After recovering our damaged fingers, we learned that Cube users must apply a coating of glue before each print operation to the print bed to ensure prints stick. Here is the magic glue. Yes, it is literally magic, because the label says so. 
This is an interesting approach to a common problem among personal 3D printers: how to you ensure the prints stick. Various approaches have been attempted, including unusual print bed chemistry, blue painter's tape, etc., but glue now seems like a very simple and obvious solution. 

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