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3D Printed Voodoo

As the popularity of 3D printing increases, so does its attraction to designers of incredible things. One designer we've noticed is Rob Elford, whose Shapeways shop, Hoodoo Botanical, exemplifies how designers are working in the space. He's been working on developing fashion accessories 3D printed in full color sandstone. 
Successful designers tend to focus on a theme, and Elford is no exception, having selected "American Voodoo" as his focus. According to his shop: 
"Hoodoo Botanica" is inspired by a trip to the heart of American Voodoo, a place of Voodoo priestesses, graveyard shrines and ritual healing. Hoodoo Botanica is for those individuals who want rediscover some of the esoteric excitement that has been lost in a globalized world. 
Like anything else, success comes from focus. 

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