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B9 Is 350!

Some weeks ago we informed you on the new B9Creator resin-based 3D printer project on KickStarter. Resin 3D printers promise super-high resolution and fast prints, but they're outside the mainstream personal 3D printing technology, which has been plastic extrusion. 
We wondered how the community would react to the emergence and possibility of owning such new 3D printing tech. Wonder no longer, because the B9Creator project has closed its funding round on KickStarter with an astonishing total of over USD$350K. Their original funding goal: USD$50K. 
So yes, the community was indeed interested: SEVEN times more interested than project leader Michael Joyce (image above) had imagined. 
As the project continues, more than 130 kits or assembled units will be constructed for backers, instantly making resin 3D printers a reality in the hobby market. 

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