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MakieLab Makes Makies

We've seen some very specific applications of 3D printing where end-users may choose limited customization for picture frames, robots, etc. Today we're looking at Makielab's Makies. They're 10 inch tall customized figurines designed by you. 
Similar to other services, you must choose from several customizable dimensions: Hair style, Eyebrow shape (selecting a slider for "Attitude", "Ferocity" and "Height), Eye shape, color and tint, nose geometry, mouth action, ear dimensions and of course head shape. 
Once you've selected your body factors, you may choose from several adornments to attach to your Makie. Give it a name and you're ready to print it. Producing the Makie costs £99 (USD$150) and you'll receive it in the post soon after. 
We think this could be a very popular service, judging from two things: first, the success of other similar highly-focused 3D printing service ventures, and secondly because MakieLab just received an astounding USD1.4M investment from several venture capital firms. 
Via MakieLab and Makie

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