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The BurritoB0t

This is a real 3D printer specifically designed to print delicious burritos - we're not kidding! The BurritoB0t, a thesis project by maker Marko Manriquez, extrudes combinations of burrito components to dynamically construct, well, a custom-designed burrito. 
Technically, the BurritoB0t is a straightforward modification and combination of RepRap-derived technologies. It's based on the Hadron Bot, which provides X-Y-Z movement on which you can build extruders or other 3D printer parts. Perfect for Burrito extruders! 
A MakerBot heated build platform presumably cooks the extrusion into a real burrito. However, we're told they are not particularly tasty, likely due to the fact that all the extruded material must be very finely ground in order to fit through the extruder. 
The burrito materials are extruded with a MakerBot Frostruder-inspired air compressor powered syringe, capable of reliably squirting out all manner of squishy materials. The design is apparently capable of extruding any of these: beans, rice, cheese, sour cream, corn, chunky salsa, salsa verde and of course salsa picante. 
Manriquez has used up his funds at this point and is considering launching a KickStarter campaign to create assembled units you can purchase if there is sufficient interest. We think there will be, since there is no end of discussion about 3D printed food where ever we go. 
It's amazing, it's silly and groundbreaking. But why on earth would Manriquez build it? His answer, which makes a great deal of sense to us, is simply this: 
Somebody had too.
Via BurritoB0t (Hat tip to AssentWorks)

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