More Investment Interest in 3D Printing

More Investment Interest in 3D PrintingWe’ve just read an article in The Atlantic written by Hugh Evans, a Vice President at T. Rowe Price Associates. If you don’t know, T. Rowe Price Associates is a USD%15B company focused on investments. In the article Evans introduces the concept of 3D printing to the readers of The Atlantic and more particularly, their investors. 
T. Rowe Price is an investor in the 3D printing industry, via a chunk of 3D Systems held within their Small Cap Stock Fund. 
Evans explains the recent transformation of 3D printing from an expensive and narrow niche into the burgeoning industry it is today – and how it will gradually expand its use into an increasing number of areas in the future. Of particular interest is the emergence of very inexpensive personal 3D printers, where he says: 
That’s why 3D printing is so interesting. It’s not just tied up in the engineering world anymore. It’s impacting a large number of industries, and becoming more relevant to consumers. I’m seeing that even high schools now have 3D printers. I just ran into a high school teacher the other day who teaches software classes, and he was telling me, “Oh, I just bought my first 3D printer.”
It’s exciting to see this technology begin to reach its full potential. A few years ago it was a little ahead of its time, but not anymore. It’s here today.
We’re now seeing investment firms push 3D printing, meaning they see the potential and growth of 3D printing.  
And it’s just cool, too.  
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