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Objet Hits 107!

3D printer manufacturer Objet is well known for their extensive list of different materials that you can use in their line of 3D printers. But this week they announced something perhaps significant: they now offer over 100 different materials (107 to be precise). With their recent announcement of a set of 39 new materials, they've broken through the one hundred barrier. 
Why so many? Objet is pursuing the goal of being able to produce very unique objects with their devices, more so than their competitors. We think this is a natural result of their multi material capability in which they can load the 3D printer with two different materials. The materials can be not only different colors but different physical properties, too. Thus, you can produce objects with hard and soft portions, clear and opaque, etc. 
Clearly this capability is vastly enhanced if you have a large selection of materials you can choose and use. That's precisely what they've done.  
Via Objet and Objet

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