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GrabCAD's Tool Challenge

GrabCAD is one of the world's largest repositories of (mostly CAD) 3D models and one of the largest groups of designers, too (250,000+). This means that when they run a contest you can be sure you'll see some very interesting entries. This month they announced the winner of their "Useful 3D Printed Tool Challenge", in which contestants were to submit 3D models of "any tool you always wanted but have never found". 
The winning entry (image above) is of something we'd love to have: an "Angle Measuring Device", designed by Sudhir Gill. It's like a kind of curved slide rule that indicates a precise angle between two surfaces. 
Gill's entry is not the only interesting item. We encourage you to check out the Roller Cable, Yoofo Memory Card Carriage and all the other prize winners. Be sure to try out GrabCAD's new online 3D model viewer that lets you twirl the view around within your browser. 
Finally, it gets even better: You can download any of these amazing 3D models and print them yourself! (after free registration with GrabCAD) 

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