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The Brass at i.Materialise

They're at it again. i.Materialise has now launched a trial of Brass 3D printing. Shortly after launching Bronze, we now see Brass on their materials sheet. 
It's not a permanent thing, however, as i.Materialise terms this a "summer trial". 3D print service providers often experiment with new materials in this way, as they are unsure of the production complexity and true costing until they see it in action. 
Why Brass? The gold-like finish obviously is attractive, but evidently i.Materialise is positioning Brass as a level in-between expensive 3D printed gold and less accurate gold-plated steel 3D prints. According to their experimental pricing, you'll pay: 
  • 1cm3 will currently cost about 25 euros (approx. $USD31)
  • 5cm3 will currently cost about 95 euros (approx. $USD119)
  • 10cm3 will currently cost about 160 euros (approx. $USD200)
If you're printing jewelry and want that gold look without the price tag, you'd better consider printing in brass. 

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