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Mcor's Surprising Prints

During our visit to Rapid 2012 we were able to examine Mcor's printed object quality directly. What we found was interesting. 
First, you must know that Mcor's process is unique in that the objects are printed not in plastic, but instead with common, everyday paper. This is very noticeable when you pick up and hold one of the prints. The "feel" of the object is unique; it's strangely "soft", yet rigid. The objects also have a peculiar weight that seems just right. Prints produced by other processes are, we now realize, much heavier - or much lighter. 
We also learned that Mcor is experimenting with different methods of finishing the printed paper objects. Here we see an example of coating the objects to produce a smooth surface. They're also experimenting with treatments to make the objects much more rigid or strong. Finally, we hear they are developing a way to soften the objects to make them flexible, which could be used to print some very interesting objects involving moving parts. 

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