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Zheng3's Seej Gamifies 3D Design

We've heard how many industries try to incorporate gamification into their process to make things run better. It seems that people are typically competitive and when faced with a game situation, they feel personally challenged to win. 
But how can you engage 3D designers in ramification? One way is to use Zheng3's Seej game. It's a relatively simple game involving small mechanisms that shoot pennies at opponent's flags. The ramification aspect is that one could redesign the shooting mechanism in any way conceivable to gain an advantage. 
3D printing makes this entirely possible and repeatable: have an idea; design a model; 3D print the model; try it out in a game of Seej. Then repeat. Soon we'll have increasingly capable pieces for the game of Seej. 
How can you get started? You should first read the (incredibly short) list of rules of Seej on Zheng3's site. Then you can 3D print game pieces directly from Thingiverse or Shapeways if you don't happen to have a handy 3D printer. 
Already there are quite a number of Seej-releated items appearing on Thingiverse, and no doubt more coming to Shapeways, too. 

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