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The Phenix vs. EOS Patent War Heats Up

We've been advised that Phenix Systems has filed a lawsuit against 3D printer manufacturer EOS. This is more than likely in response to EOS's filing of a lawsuit against Phenix Systems for alleged patent violation
The new lawsuit from Phenix alleges that EOS has violated United States patent number 6,767,499 (Fast Prototyping Method by Laser Sintering of Powder) and Phenix is looking for damages from EOS. According to Phenix's press release: 
Phenix Systems has filed a patent infringement claim against EOS in the United States Federal Court, asserting infringement of U.S. Patent No. 6,767,499 (“the ‘499 Patent”), entitled “Fast Prototyping Method by Laser Sintering of Powder.” The legal claim filed by Phenix asks the U.S. Court to award damages for patent infringement and to enjoin EOS from further infringing activity, including direct infringement and/or inducement of others to infringe the ‘499 Patent. Further, Phenix asserts that EOS was aware of the ‘499 Patent and that its infringing activity is willful and that special damages should be assessed by the U.S. Court. 
Phenix Systems is the parent company of AMT (Additive Manufacturing Technologies), Inc. based in Elk Grove Village, IL.
We still have no idea who's going to win this battle, as there are no lawyers handy. This could go several ways: Patents were violated, or they were not; One company could win or both could win; or perhaps they'll just settle this behind closed doors in some secret way. 

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