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3D Printed Design Awards In Barcelona

Barcelona's Association of Industrial Design has selected several student projects for Student Industrial Design Awards at the Barcelona School of Design and Engineering and we had to show them to you because, well they're amazing! 
The winning entry was designed by student Marion Frei, who came up with a unique "Vinculum" system for identifying cans and tetra packages, suitable for use by blind people. The touch icons are strapped to a container enabling very quick identification.
But that's not all. Carla Cava Carbonell's Arum project involved 3D printing a ring to be placed around a tree. The ring is partially made of the creation ashes of a loved one. Over time the bio-degradable plastic in the ring dissolves, releasing the ashes into the ground to promote tree growth. As the tree grows, a message written on the inside of the ring is pressed into the tree, leaving a remembrance mark. 
And there's even more amazing designs at the links below.   
Via Elisava and Elisava (Hat tip to Xavier)

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