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3D Printing A Canadian Cabinet Minister

During an official visit to the AssentWorks Makerspace in Winnipeg, Canadian Federal Cabinet Minister Tony Clement had his picture taken numerous times, as typically happens on such public events - but one of those images was a 3D scan. 
Readers all know what happens when someone is 3D scanned: a 3D print emerges shortly thereafter. The folks at the makerspace did just that and produced this delightful bust of the Minister, which we understand will be delivered to him. Minister Clement (who is currently President of the Treasury Board of Canada, and arguably one of the most powerful politicians in Canada) could be the highest-ranked person ever scanned and 3D printed in Canada, and perhaps elsewhere. 
The scan software/hardware used was the popular and inexpensive ReconstructMe/Microsoft Kinect combination. During the scan Minister Clement was rotated slowly on a swivel chair to gradually capture the 3D model and he bravely managed to refrain from smiling until the scan was complete. 

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