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A Pair of 3D Print Fashion Designers

Mashable interviews a pair of fashion designers with a twist: they use 21st century techniques to create their items, including web-based fitting, embedded electronics, computational design generation and of course 3D printing. 
Mary Huang and Jenna Fizel own Continuum Fashion where they explore the possibilities of applying new technology and techniques to the fashion industry. Their latest project (Constrvct on Kickstarter) lets shoppers supply their own pattern or image for dress fabric.  
They've experimented in the past with a 3D printed bikini, but they hope to begin production of 3D printed shoes. However:
They’re a little painful, I wouldn’t walk two miles in them, but I could wear them to work. They’re expensive, though: $900, and we need to do more testing. 
They're deep into experimentation, which is what is needed at this early stage of digital fashion. With more innovation we'll soon see some very interesting results. 
Via Mashable and Continuum Fashion (Hat tip to Adam)

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