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The 3DPrintShow In London

In London this October is the 3DPrintShow, three days of exhibitions and shows all about 3D printing. 
Taking place from October 19th through the 21st, this event includes exhibits from all the major 3D print vendors and services, including MakerBot, 3D Systems, EOS, Objet, Shapeways, i.Materialise, Tinkercad, Anarkik3D, Uformia and many others. They'll be showing off their printers, scanners, services, software and prints. Several notable 3D print artists will exhibit their work at this event. 
Categories being shown include Consumer Products, Transportation, Art & Design, Medical & Dental, Home, Fashion, Architecture, Archaeology, Music and even Space Travel. The show will even include a full size 3D scanner by Europac that can capture a whole-body image - and you'll be able to try it out yourself. 
If you happen to be in London in October, we'd recommend you buy your tickets to this event very soon. 

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