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A Few Cubify Developments

3D Systems' Cube personal 3D printer has only been available for a few weeks now, but this week we noticed a few interesting developments. 
First, there's a new video out showing a bit more of how the device works. We specifically were interested in the portion where they showed how to change the filament. This is usually one of the trickier things to do in typical 3D printers, so we were curious as to how the Cube made it simple for its owners. It turns out it is indeed simple: just push the button to change the filament and it automatically heats up the extruder and then backs out the existing filament. New filament is inserted and you're ready to go!
The second thing we noticed was that 3D Systems was invited to participate in the Google I/O 2012 event. This is a developer conference for all things Google: you know, Android, Maps, etc. But why was 3D Systems there? Evidently they were invited because Google "thinks they're cool". Great exposure for the Cube. 
Finally, we found all of this information on none other than the venerable Slashdot, a site offering some hefty internet traffic. 
Not a bad week for Cubify! 

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