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3D System's Smarter 3D Printing

Industry giant 3D Systems intends on teaching you a lot more about 3D printing with their new seminar series entitled, "Smarter 3D Printing". These seminars are planned for approximately 80 events in multiple locations across the United States, four locations in Canada and one (Sao Paulo) in Brazil. 
The no-charge seminars will provide: 
... an interactive and informative seminar series for entrepreneurs and professionals to experience the latest 3D printers in action and explore the benefits of 3D Systems’ end-to-end, 3D content-to-print solutions and services. These seminars provide immediate access to powerful ideation-to-production tools and services and are offered July through September 2012 at participating 3D Systems’ partner locations across North America. 
There are so many of these events and they are so widespread you'll likely find one nearby that you can attend. Best check the detailed schedule to find one near you.

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