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Cubify's Robots

3D Systems now has robots! Well, not actual robots, but instead a system of 3D models that can be assembled into a huge variety of robot shapes. The robot pieces include arms, legs, torsos, etc., but also accessories such as ray guns and backpacks.
The pieces are intended to be assembled and fit together - but they also are specifically designed to have movable joints. This means your personalized robot will be completely posable. 
The robots are sold in different packaged sets that include different features. All pieces can be mixed and matched thanks to a very versatile design. You can either download the models and print them on your own 3D printer (and 3D Systems would hope that's a Cube) or you can send the models to 3D Systems print service for direct delivery to your doorstep. 
We think this is a tremendous way to engage buyers, who are more likely interested in themed items than arbitrary objects. Robots are a great idea - and probably has something to do with 3D Systems' earlier acquisition of My Robot Nation
Via Cubify

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