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Design Of The WeeK: Julia Vase #001 Aqua

This week's selected design is Julia Vase #001 - Aqua by Virtox, also known as the Dutch artist Stijn van der Linden.  
Virtox has released this amazing design on Shapeways, where you can purchase a 3D printed version in a variety of materials, and also on Thingiverse and GrabCAD where you are free to download the 3D model digital file for printing on your own device. 
Virtox intends on producing a series of Julia Vases, this item being #001. You might be wondering what is meant by a "Julia Vase". It's related to the mathematical origin of the design. A Julia Set, according to Wikipedia, is a set defined from a mathematical function, and the Julia Set in particular: 
consists of values such that an arbitrarily small perturbation can cause drastic changes in the sequence of iterated function values. 
Precisely what you'd need to generate an interesting design! Virtox says: 
These were generated using a custom tool set I have been building for several years now.
All based around voxelized generation. The final voxel models were converted to polygons using another custom Marching Cubes tool.
The Julia Vase #001: a delicate blend of science and art. 

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