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The zSpace System


There's something inherently difficult trying to do 3D modeling on a 2D display. We usually have the ability to spin models around and your mind has to do the "3Ding" of the subject, depending on the software you're using. But is there a better way to do this? 
Apparently so, according to JF Brandon at Solidsmack, who has posted a review of the zSpace system. It's a virtual holographic display and interaction system that can really show you what your model looks like. 
Even better, the system permits you to interact with your 3D models in a very natural way. You need only wear the special 3D glasses and use the special pen to manipulate the components of your 3D model. You'll see your model "come out" of the zSpace display and from there you'll be able to perform operations on it. Watch this video to see how it works: 
The zSpace system currently works only with three 3D modeling packages: 3DVia, Maya and Autodesk's Showcase. Oh yeah, we should also mention the system costs USD$6,000, so it's not something everyone can afford.
Hopefully this approach will make its way into the open source space as so many other 3D technologies have recently done, making it accessible to all. 

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