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Google's 3D Pasta Printer

Incredible as it might seem, Google apparently has a 3D printer in its kitchen - and it produces pasta, according to a report on WebProNews. 
In a video interview Google chef Bernard Faucher admits they operate some type of 3D printer in their kitchen to produce unique pasta shapes for hungry Google staffers. Faucher says: 
When I cook with it, my food has a distinct and customized shape. 
We're wondering about the nature of the mysterious pasta printer. We don't know what kind of 3D printer this might be, but it is likely something others would enjoy using, too. Yes, it's likely such a device could exist: pasta is a very extrudable substance. It could be extruded into a variety of appetizing pasta shapes fairly easily. 
But we think there's a problem with this approach. A kitchen like Google's would have to produce a large quantity of custom pasta each day. In fact, even a single bowl of pasta could require hours of pasta-printing to produce. 
Perhaps it's just for special orders, right Sergey?

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