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The Second Generation Imagine 3D Printer

Essential Dynamics has announced a new version of their non-plastic 3D printer to replace their first model
The Imagine 3D printer is a little different from most commonly available personal 3D printers. It's an extrusion based device that doesn't use melted plastic as its material. Instead the Imagine uses any extrudable substance by mechanically squishing them thru syringes. This means, for example, you could print using food, such as peanut butter, cookie dough or soft chocolate. Or finely minced meat. Yes, meat. 
The new device is improved over the original and offers: 
  • A 8.75" x 8.75" build area
  • Lighter weight (now 30 lbs)
  • Preloaded designs
  • Includes a selection of syringes and tips (optional 25-pack available)
  • Resolution is 2x the syringe nozzle diameter
We think this kind of device could lead to much kitchen experimentation, particularly as you have the freedom to choose almost any malleable substance at hand. Or available at your local grocery.  
The fully assembled unit is available starting August 20th and is priced at USD$1,995. 

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