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The Series 1 From Type A Machines

Type "A" personalities are known to be leaders, sometimes with an aggressive approach to life. San Francisco-based Type A Machines may take a bit of that attitude with their new product, the Series 1. It's a personal 3D printer whose design takes it to another level. 
The Series 1 is a fully assembled unit, but what makes it different? We examined their stats and identified two differentiating features.
It's big. The print envelope is a rather huge 9 x 9 x 9 inches (229 x 229 x 229 mm). You'll be able to produce some large green items, as you can see here. And you can print in ABS, PLA or PVA. 
The second differentiating feature is speed. Type A Machines has engineered this device to print at 90mm/s, quite a bit faster than the typical 30mm/s we see on many other machines. The Series 1's non-printing can be up to a speeding-ticket-generating 250mm/s. 
The speed is very complementary to the size. If the Series 1 wasn't so fast, those huge prints would take days to complete. 
The required Series 1 software is typical open source utilities such as Slic3r, Repetier or Pronterface, all of which operate successfully on Linux, Mac and Windows. 
One more thing. Deep in their website Type A Machines say: 
It prints faster, larger and it’s smoother and quieter, and we will make it better in lots of other exciting ways we don’t want to talk about quite yet (emphasis ours).
What could this mean? We'll find out sooner or later. 
The Series 1 is available now for only USD$1200. 

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