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More 3D Printed Shoes

There's more cool stuff from the folks at Continuum Fashion, who have previously produced a 3D printed Bikini. They've now released the "strvct" 3D printed shoes, a mesh-like design printed in nylon. Don't worry, they are indeed wearable as they include a "patent leather inner sole, and coated with a synthetic rubber on the bottom to provide traction". 
The design is brilliant in more ways than one. Not only is it visually interesting, but the mesh of triangles reflects the digital origin of the shoe's design: a 3D digital mesh of triangles, also known as an STL file. 
The strvct shoes are available for purchase now, at a cost of USD$900 per pair. Evidently they are "made to order", suggesting that they likely will be sized precisely for your feet. There are also variations of the design to choose from. 

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