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What's Down With Organovo?

A few short weeks ago we wrote a piece entitled, "What's With Organovo?", in which we pondered why the stock price of this bioprinting startup soared beyond belief. It seemed at the time there was no reasonable explanation for the stock price's stratospheric behavior. 
This week the answer has appeared: there really was no reason for the stock to be that high. From the soaring heights of a price near USD$11, the price has now collapsed back to its apparently "normal" level just under USD$2 per share. Seeking Alpha writes: 
The company is loaded up with debt, bleeding cash and generates little to no revenue. While the technology is amazing and the potential is huge, right now the company is generous in its filings when it says it will be able to pay the bills for the next 12 months.
That said, Seeking Alpha goes on to say that in the long term this company may gradually build up to its potential, but that investors had better be aware of what they're getting into. 
We're staying on the sidelines, too. 

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