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Automated Mesh Articulation

When we write "Automated Mesh Articulation" you might be wondering what we're on about. It's an advanced technique developed by Harvard's Moritz Baecher that inspects a 3D model to automatically identifies where "joints" should appear and outputs a new model with said joints. 
This means one could take any 3D model of a figurine and obtain 3D modeled parts that could be 3D printed and assembled into a real model with movable limbs! It works on more than just figurines - you can process all types of models, including dragons and hands as shown in the academic paper.
We think this is a huge new capability for 3D printing. It could spawn services that convert your artistic model into "movable printable" form. It could generate thousands of amazing articulated models for sale or download. 
Toy makers and owners rejoice. 

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