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Introducing Mak3D

Opening in "late August 2012", Mak3D is billed as the "World's first 3D printing co-working environment". Located on London's Brick Lane across from the notable Brick Lane Bakery, Mak3D will provide workspace and access to 3D equipment for makers. 
For £200 per month (USD$312), you'll have access to the following: 
  • A 1000 sq ft. workshop.
  • In house high definition 3D printer from Objet
  • In house HD 3D scanner.
  • STL File correction for 3D prints.
  • Numerous freelance work for 3D designer.
  • A finishing workshop with tools included.
What specific equipment do they have? Evidently an Objet 3D printer and a professional 3D scanner. Combined with the other capabilities mentioned above, these should provide a terrific environment to make anything 3D. They say: 
The place is currenly a blank canvas, where we plan to make it our own with the participation of any co-workers who would care to join in and help.
We suggest you get in contact with them soon if you have interest. 
Via Make3D

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