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Formlabs' Secret Project To Be Revealed

Readers may recall a post from last year in which we introduced the mysterious Formlabs, a startup by three folks from the famous MIT Media Lab, who evidently were working on "something". Something interesting to the 3D printing space, apparently. 
Now we see their website has suddenly livened up a bit with the words: 
Low Cost, High-Resolution 3D Printing
Simple. Elegant. Powerful. Get Ready to experience a revolution in desktop 3D printing. Coming September 26, 2012. 
But what is it? What are they announcing? 
Honestly, we don't know. Could it be a new powder-based approach? Perhaps another resin-based 3D printer? Something completely new? Even after poking Formlabs spokesman David Cranor, we could only get him to say: 
I can tell you that it's going to be unlike anything anyone has seen in 3D printing yet.
We'll be watching carefully on the 26th. 

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