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Cubify Introduces Bracelets

Well, that didn't take long! Mere days after introducing web applications capable of dynamically generating rings and earrings to your specifications, 3D Systems has fired up another similar application: Bracelets. It's very easy to use and offers just the right amount of customization for most people. 
The Bracelet app works in a fashion similar to its predecessors: a basic item is shown in a 3D window. You're then allowed to change its shape and add a variety of "parts", including letters, digits and numerous shapes. Once you're satisfied with the result (which you can clearly see by twirling the view around with your mouse), you can hit "Save and Print", which immediately sends the generated STL to your computer. From there you can either print it or send it out for production at any 3D print service you like. We suspect that 3D Systems would prefer you send it to their service, however. 
We're wondering how far this concept can go. What other obvious apps could generate models for 3D printer enthusiasts? What would you like to see? 
Via Cubify

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