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A West-Coast 3D Printer Store

Two 3D printer stores, one on the east coast (MakerBot in Brooklyn, NY) and now another one to tell you about on the west cost: Deezmaker in Pasadena, CA. 
Deezmaker is the fruit of maker Diego Porqueras, who is also behind the Bukobot Kickstarter project. The intention is to sell not only the Bukobot, but also other 3D printers as well. 
Will this retail experiment work? We're not so sure, as many types of brick-and-mortar enterprises struggle these days. But on the other hand many people don't have a hot clue about 3D printing and could well use a hands-on experience. These folks may have no other way to touch a 3D printer they've heard about in the news. 

Startling Form 1 Update

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