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Canadian Plastic

The pattern seems to be regionalization. Plastic filament supply shops specifically focused on 3D printing are emerging in many countries supplying primarily their local markets. We've seen shops open up in the US, UK, Switzerland, Netherlands and other places. 
Now there's one in Canada, based in Montreal: Voxel Factory offers an extensive list of 3mm and 1.75mm filament in either ABS or PLA. Pricing is decent, particularly their 3Kg triple packs, which are priced at CA$93, or about USD$14/pound. Their color choices include the usual Black, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow and White, but also a couple of unusual items: 
  • Glow in the dark Blue
  • Glow in the dark Green
Yes, Glow in the dark Blue! Want. 

BFB's AXON Updated

Wooden Filament? Yes!