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The Cube's Been Updated

3D Systems' consumer-level 3D printer has been updated. The friendly-looking Cube of 2013 includes several improvements that should make this machine even more attractive than its 2012 ancestor. 
The original cube could print only PLA plastic. While we love PLA, there are times you do need to print ABS plastic, particularly when you need a part that will take some stress, such as a coat hook (we own very heavy coats at Fabbaloo). The new Cube now prints ABS or PLA. 
We asked 3D Systems Rajeev Kulkarni how the Cube can print ABS successfully when it no longer has a heated build platform? Why doesn't the ABS warp? Kulkarni explained they've changed the formulation of the plastic and combined with software changes ABS warp is reduced significantly. And the glue you apply to the print bed helps, too. 
The printer speed has been increased by 1.5 times and its accuracy has been doubled. Additional software integration now permits you to print to your Cube from Cubify. 
Otherwise the Cube is outwardly very similar to the previous version; the build volume has not changed and it's still available in some very cool colors. One other thing hasn't changed: the price is still USD$1299. 
It's shipping on January 21st. 
Via Cubify

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