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3D Printing Buzz During 2012

Last January we took a look at Google Trends to see the slope of interest in 3D printing. At that time we observed a pretty healthy jump. Did the trend continue in 2012? 
Evidently yes, as you can see in the Google Trends chart above. The lines represent the relative amount of Google searching on terms we selected. 
Blue: "3D Printing"
Red: "MakerBot"
Gold: "Cubify"
Green: "RepRap"
It appears the 2012 has been a breakout year, with all categories skyrocketing. Cubify would at first appear to be left behind, but that's only because it's kinda hard to distinguish the search term "Cube", which most people would be using when looking for 3D Systems' baby 3D printer. 
Where will it go from here? We don't know, but this could be the elbow of the hockey stick curve. 

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